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Material Specifications

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The material from which seal rings are constructed must satisfy the two key Seal Rings requirements of abrasion strength and corrosion resistance. Our metallurgists have therefore developed a material ideally suited to withstand the aggressive conditions in which tracked vehicles, construction machinery etc. operate from day to day.

The chilled cast iron known as Duronit V contains selected alloying constituents to render it sufficiently resistant to corrosion and, with a hardness of about 60 HRC, it is exceptionally resistant to abrasive wear.

Each seal ring is individually cast and conforms to the material specification S8. High thermal resistance and low compression set are the essential criteria O-Rings specified for the elastomeric material in the envisaged applications.

The standard design meets the requirements by the use of nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR). For higher thermal stresses the O-rings are constructed of HNBR, FPM or VMQ.

The elastomeric materials listed overleaf are offered in various degrees of hardness (Shore A) so that the O-ring can adequately perform its function of generating a permanent and preferably constant contact pressure within the sealing system.



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