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Mechanical Face Seal Type 76.90H/97H

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Mechanical face seal type 76.90H/76.97H consists of two geometrically identical metallic seal rings, located against the respective housing bores by means of large-volume O-rings.


At installation, the O-rings lodged between the tapered contact faces of the seal ring and housing undergo a defined deformation which is crucial for permanent operation of the sealing system (dimension “A”).

Working Principle

The resilience of the O-rings acts in a number of ways:

  • it exerts an axial load on the metallic sealing faces
  • transmits the frictional torque to the housing components
  • and provides a static seal between each seal ring and its housing bore

The seal faces of the metallic rings are lapped to a radial width of about 2.5mm and are therefore finely tuned to one another from early life.

The rings are designed in such a way that they open out from the seal faces towards the centre axis, forming a wedge-shaped gap which has the following benefits:

  • the lubricant is readily admitted to the seal faces by capillary action and centrifugal force
  • adequate lubrication and cooling are assured and potential cold welding of the seal faces is avoided
  • as wear increases, the sealing face graduates towards the centre axis; the seal therefore has large wear reserves which virtually only end when the inside diameter is reached
  • the traces of lubricant visible at the outer gap indicate that the seal is optimally constructed and is working perfectly



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